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5 Common Ways Dangerous Premises Lead To Injuries

It is reasonable to expect owners and managers of premises such as supermarkets, apartment complexes, shopping malls and office complexes to protect users of those properties from harm. This is the essence of premises liability law.

What follows are some of the most common ways people are injured on public and private property. Does any of these questions sound familiar as you consider your own slip-and-fall or another type of injury? You may have reason to file an injury claim or lawsuit. Contact a knowledgeable premises liability lawyer to discuss your case, the laws, and how to pursue compensation for your injuries. For a free consultation, call 310-773-3311 or contact me online.

1. Was a dangerous ground or floor condition left uncorrected?

A cracked sidewalk, a wet supermarket floor and loose tiles or carpet in a stairway are all examples of property conditions that leave people vulnerable to injury.

2. Were outdoor safety features such as steps and lighting nonfunctional?

Perhaps steps were uneven or lacked a railing. Perhaps lights were out around the periphery of a building. Whatever outdoor safety features were substandard, you deserve answers and you may be eligible for compensation through a premises liability claim or lawsuit.

3. Was security inadequate in a parking garage, at a shopping mall bus stop or in the corridors of a building?

Property owners and other authorities such as companies that operate shopping malls and airports owe a duty of care to people who use those facilities. Maybe the mall did not adequately staff the security crew. Maybe a parking garage had dark stairwells with no security cameras and poor visibility. Maybe a fitness club or motel failed to protect people using the locker room or motel bathrooms from installation of unauthorized security cameras by would-be stalkers and voyeurs. An investigation of your case can reveal the security breaches that left you vulnerable and led to your injuries.

4. Did property owners or managers fail to inform people of known risks and dangers?

Perhaps there had been a series of sexual assaults or busted car windows in a dark area and you were not informed. After you were attacked or after you were injured because of vandalism to your car, you naturally want to hold responsible the people who did not warn you of hazards ahead of time.

5. Did you ask for information or call for help without satisfaction, and then you were hurt?

Perhaps you informed a manager of a leak or asked for an escort to your car when parking garage lights were burned out. Whoever received your question or complaint ignored you or did not respond as a reasonable person should. You were subsequently injured. Besides getting the compensation you need, you naturally want to help prevent future incidents for others under the same circumstances.

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