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One evening’s momentary lapse in judgment can have repercussions that you may not have anticipated. In addition to significant fines and a suspension of your driver’s license, even a single conviction for driving under the influence can affect your ability to find a job or to pursue the career of your choice.

I am DUI defense attorney Chris W. Blaylock. At my firm in Santa Monica, I defend those who have been accused of crimes, including representation of drivers under age 21 who have been charged with drunk driving. Set up a free consultation with me today by calling 310-773-3311 or contacting me online.

Defending Your Rights

While first-time or repeat DUI charges can oftentimes appear insurmountable, there are factors, complications and details that a good attorney may be able to use in an individual’s defense. An experienced attorney can also help clients navigate both the criminal and the DMV processes that result from a DUI arrest.

I take the time with each of my clients to explain his or her rights, what to expect from the criminal justice system and what steps to take next. I pride myself on my resourcefulness and creativity in the courtroom and I use all of my skills to achieve as favorable a result as possible on my clients’ behalf.

Charged With DUI?

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI, it is important to speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. To schedule a free initial consultation, please email me or call 310-773-3311 today.