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A conviction for assault or domestic violence in California carries the possibility of significant penalties, including time in jail. A conviction can also impact the rest of your life and affect your reputation among family, friends and the community. Make no mistake: Law enforcement and prosecutors take assault and domestic violence very seriously and will do everything they can to secure a conviction. It is essential to choose a criminal defense lawyer with the experience, creativity and energy to mount a vigorous defense on your behalf.

I am Santa Monica criminal defense attorney Chris W. Blaylock. I offer aggressive, resourceful representation to those who have been charged with domestic violence, assault and other serious crimes. To learn more, please call 310-773-3311 or send me an email. Your consultation is free.

Fighting To Defend Your Rights

Whether you have been arrested on suspicion of assault, assault with a deadly weapon or a domestic violence crime, the reality is that you are facing the possibility of serious, life-altering penalties if you are convicted. You are not just facing a single prosecutor or judge, but rather the combined resources of the state of California.

  • With an assault or a battery charge, the penalties you face will depend on several factors. This includes your criminal record as well as whether a deadly weapon was involved in the assault. While assault and battery are often misdemeanor charges, they can become felony charges in certain circumstances. As your lawyer, I can help you understand the penalties you are facing and take action to fight the charges.
  • With domestic violence charges, the criminal penalties are similar to an assault. However, law enforcement takes these charges seriously and often sides with the victim to the detriment of the accused. Additionally, these charges can have a serious impact on your right to see your children or other loved ones. In particular, you may have a restraining order filed against you, and these accusations can impact custody and divorce actions. It is important to act quickly to protect your rights and your family after a domestic violence arrest.

At my firm, I work closely with each of my clients to ensure that he or she understands his or her rights and knows what to expect from the criminal justice system. I defend my clients’ rights aggressively and I am committed to overcoming obstacles and achieving the best possible resolution on their behalf.

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