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Injuries at a Hollywood Nightclub Could Lead to a Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2015 | Firm News |

The Los Angeles Times and other local media have reported a homicide at Cashmere nightclub in Hollywood. The victim was DJ Steeze, who may have been involved in a brawl that occurred in the dance club. Police and city officials are concerned with the 21% increase of violent crimes, which can be attributed to drunk patrons pouring out into the streets.

Violence occurring in drinking establishments is nothing new. One can watch a classic Western to conclude that. However, the uptick of people visiting Hollywood clubs increases the risk of harm to visitors. Since 2000, Hollywood residency increased threefold. There is a greater chance of conflict.

A person injured, or even killed, at a nightclub could have legal recourse. Indeed, there are many different legal theories that could be advanced should there be facts that support it.

Most injury cases against nightclubs are brought under the umbrella of negligence. That is, the plaintiff is able to prove that a duty was owed to them, there was a breach of that duty by the nightclub, and as a result of that breach, injury occurred to the plaintiff.

Negligence could be framed in different arguments. For example, some cases involve security personnel, or bouncers. When escorting patrons out, the bouncers get too aggressive or assault the patrons without cause. Those bouncers may lack the required licensing or training to be employed. The club potentially could be held liable for employing individuals who are not qualified to hold a position that could result in injury to guests.

There are other examples. Municipal ordinances require that businesses comply with safety regulations. Sometimes a club may not have the required lighting. Other times a club may exceed the maximum occupancy of a building, which makes things too crowded and dangerous for invitees. An exhaustive investigation should be done after an incident because oftentimes protocol was not properly followed.

If someone is injured at a nightclub, it is important that he or she seek the medical attention that he or she needs. Proper treatment should be a priority. Then, the injured person should contact an attorney for a consultation. It is possible that medical bills could be recovered, in addition to pain and suffering, lost earnings, and future lost earnings and/or medical treatment.

Given the news, a person should always be careful when going to a nightclub. One should always remain vigilant and aware of his or her surroundings. With that, be safe and thank you for reading.