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I Was Involved In a Motor Vehicle Accident; Now What?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2014 | Firm News |

Motor vehicle accidents are common in Los Angeles. In fact, it brings to mind the Saturday Night Live skit, “The Californians.” All too often, Angelinos communicate about their commutes, experiences on the road, and traffic. Also, people talk about their unfortunate “accidents” on the highways.

When you, a loved one, or friend, is involved in an accident, there are some steps that should be taken immediately. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your injuries are addressed and that any future claims are protected.

One, pull over, if possible, to a safe location with the other driver involved. After an accident, it is easy to get distracted and careless. Remember to protect yourself by moving your vehicle to a proper stop area, if possible.

Second, call the police. Emergency personnel are trained to handle all types of accidents, including motor vehicle. This step addresses a few things: (1) you get to reflect on any pain and whether you are severely hurt; (2) you get to engage an independent third party who can testify as to what happened during the incident; and (3) you can receive immediate medical treatment, if necessary.

Third, exchange the proper information with the other party involved. This step is common knowledge, or so it seems these days, but it is essential. Have the other driver give you insurance information, personal information, like address and phone number, and ask him or her what happened immediately prior to the accident. Take mental notes as what happened during this exchange.

Fourth, give a statement to the police and see if any witnesses are at the scene. Let me be clear: it is extremely important that you seek immediate medical attention if you need immediate care. In the event that you do need immediate medical attention, do not stay at the scene of the accident. Inform the emergency personnel and proceed to a hospital. But, if your injuries do not need immediate attention, talk to any third parties who may have been near or at the scene of the accident. Collect their information too.

Fifth, take notes as to where your vehicle is going, if towed. Usually, vehicles are damaged to such an extent that they need to get sent to a body shop. It is important to have the body shop and towing information for the future.

Sixth, go to your doctor and if you do not have a primary care doctor, go to a hospital. Even if your injuries are not severe, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Attorneys are not doctors, and more often than not, neither are the individuals involved in the accident (as a matter of probabilities). Doctors are the best professionals suited to ascertain the extent of your injuries and how to treat it appropriately. Do not hold off going to the doctor, because it could lead to more medical problems.

Seventh, open up insurance claims with your own carrier and the carrier of the third party involved in the accident. Automobile insurance, required by law, will have information about your coverage, including whether you can obtain a rental, and how quickly your vehicle can be repaired, if at all.

Eighth, contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Accident lawyers know how to resolve personal injury disputes, deal with insurance companies, and preserve your rights. It is simply not smart to move forward without representation, because of the nuances of personal injury law.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these steps should be taken after an accident. Of course, accidents are frustrating, painful, scary, and annoying. But hopefully, this short blog can make the experience less frightening. We welcome your calls and questions; our firm would love to help if you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident.