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Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2013 | Firm News |

Vehicle accidents are bad; vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are worse. If you have been hit while jogging, riding your bicycle, or just crossing the street, we can help. Drivers are required to operate their vehicles with due care, and when they act negligently it can have potentially dangerous consequences.

There are many different causes for pedestrian or bicycle accidents, but most involve vehicle collisions with innocent bystanders. Some of the more common collision occur when:

  • A driver is distracted because of actions that he taking while driving, i.e. texting, eating, sleeping
  • Drivers fail to yield because they do not know the California Vehicle Code
  • Drivers fail to give right of way to pedestrians because they are in a rush
  • Drivers lose control of the car due to excessive speeding and improper lane changing
  • Drivers disobey traffic signals because of lack of due care
  • Drivers fail to utilize headlights when conditions require that they be utilized.

Survivors of any of these types of accidents often have a long road to recovery and can incur large medical bills in the process, not to mention the pain, suffering and disruption of normal life activities they face. A good personal injury attorney can help to simplify the process by working with insurance companies, dealing with the other parties involved, and arranging for appropriate medical coverage as necessary. If you’ve been inured in an accident, don’t jeopardize your legal rights or postpone your medical treatment, contact an attorney immediately.