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Cocaine, Meth, and Other Drugs

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California Health and Safety Code § 11350 (a). Except as otherwise provided in this division, every person who possesses (1) any controlled substance specified in subdivision (b) or (c), or paragraph (1) of subdivision (f) of Section 11054, specified in paragraph (14), (15), or (20) of subdivision (d) of Section 11054, or specified in subdivision (b) or (c) of Section 11055, or specified in subdivision (h) of Section 11056, or (2) any controlled substance classified in Schedule III, IV, or V which is a narcotic drug, unless upon the written prescription of a physician, dentist, podiatrist, or veterinarian licensed to practice in this state, shall be punished by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 of the Penal Code.

These crimes are similar to marijuana crimes. Please see the section on “Marijuana laws.”

Even with states like Colorado and Washington taking a liberal view on marijuana and recreational drugs, Federal law still prohibits the use, possession, transportation, and sale of marijuana and “hard” drugs. California has also been aggressive in prosecuting individuals under drug statutes that related to cocaine, meth, and other synthetic drugs.

Drugs can destroy lives and it can hurt families. Besides being a health issue, it is also a legal issue. Without adequate and aggressive representation by an attorney, a defendant could face legal consequences that could have been avoided. Do not face a drug charge without a lawyer who understands the law and procedure regarding your arrest and rights.