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Santa Monica Personal Injury Lawyer

An Unconventional Lawyer

At the Law Offices of C.W. Blaylock, my clients are the injured victims of others' negligence and individuals alleged to have violated the laws of the state or federal government. Personal injury law and criminal defense are the heart of my practice.

I am Chris Blaylock, and I believe every client has the right to a lawyer who will fight for him or her. I defend clients in criminal matters from traffic tickets and DUI charges to first- and second-degree murder and criminal appeals. My personal injury practice ranges from slip and falls to auto accidents and medical malpractice.

My clients and my colleagues will testify that I go above and beyond. Youthful, aggressive, intelligent and personable, I am an unconventional kind of lawyer — the kind of lawyer who is easy to talk to and, yes, likeable.

I firmly believe that the law is ultimately about service to the individual. I like to take the time to demystify the law and its processes so my clients understand how their cases evolve, whether the process is civil or criminal. You won't get "just let me handle it" from me. I will take the time to explain how cases like yours have worked out in the past, what the important facts are in your case and how the law applies.

Inspired, Creative And Resourceful

Both prosecutors and insurance companies know when a legal adversary has a reputation for preparation and the inspiration of a fighter. I always prepare my cases for trial. Creative, resourceful preparation pays off in negotiation as well as the courtroom. I will never settle for a discount in a personal injury suit or back away from a trial when it's in my client's best interest.

The conflict that brings you to my door is a critical moment in your life, and I am committed to overcoming obstacles to achieve the best resolution possible.

Santa Monica Personal Injury Attorney

I work on a flat-fee basis in criminal defense matters and on a contingency basis in personal injury cases.

When you or a loved one has been injured as the result of another's careless or negligent behavior or when you have been charged with a crime in Southern California, call the Law Offices of C.W. Blaylock at 800-852-5238 or contact me online. Initial consultations are free.

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