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When a person is convicted of a crime, it does not necessarily mean the case ends there. In situations where there has been a legal or procedural error, it may be possible for a defendant to file a criminal appeal. When facing an appeal, which is limited in scope, it is important to choose the right criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights.

I am criminal defense and criminal appeals attorney Chris W. Blaylock. At the Law Offices of C.W. Blaylock in Santa Monica, I assist clients throughout Los Angeles County in filing appeals and writs of habeas corpus. I provide a free consultation to discuss your legal needs. Call 310-773-3311 or contact me online.

What Is Habeas Corpus?

The California Constitution permits those who have been convicted of crimes and incarcerated to file a petition for a writ of habeas corpus. These petitions, which are granted only in extraordinary and unusual circumstances, allow detainees to challenge the propriety of his or her confinement. The most common way to effectively challenge your conviction is through new evidence.

I focus my efforts on providing each of my clients with the individual attention he or she deserves. With each client, I take the time to explain his or her rights, what to expect from the criminal justice system and how best to proceed. My goal is to be an aggressive, effective advocate for each of my clients, both inside and outside the courtroom.

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