Fighting Traffic Violations In California

No one likes getting a traffic ticket, and we all like even less the long process of standing in line to submit documents to the court or talk to a judge. Even worse, if your license has been suspended, you might have difficulty getting to the court to mount your defense and the penalties for driving on a suspended license are probably not worth the risk. People who have been cited for a traffic infraction should hire a traffic lawyer so that they can go to work and live their lives.

I am defense lawyer Chris W. Blaylock, and I represent drivers who face these issues. I have experience fighting all types of traffic tickets for clients. I will aggressively attack your citation and fight to have it thrown out. This can include speeding tickets, suspended licenses and other traffic points on your record.

How Do You Get A Ticket Thrown Out?

As your attorney, I will examine the details of the stop and citation. It is not uncommon for police officers to practice questionable tactics when citing an individual. This can include issuing a speeding ticket without radar gun data or guessing at an infraction. Through careful investigation, I will find the inconsistencies and fight to ensure that your rights are protected. This allows clients to focus on their employment, families and hobbies.

I am as aggressive as possible for my clients, fighting to ensure that your driving privileges are protected and traffic fines avoided. Additionally, I work to ensure that clients receive answers and information in a timely manner, always confident in the direction of the case and how it is unfolding. I am committed to providing a personalized approach, returning phone calls and emails quickly.

Let me help you. I can make your court appearance for you and often get tickets and suspensions tossed out. Don't jeopardize your legal rights; contact my Santa Monica firm today.